Jan Holzbauer
Jan Holzbauer

Sewing has been a part of my life since I was a child. I began making clothes for my dolls. I then went on to making my own clothes and then to embroidery and needlepoint. I did not want to be just like my mother at that time so I learned to knit. She crocheted. Since then I have learned to crochet. My grandmothers and mother were quilters but again I did not want to be “just like them”. I embroidered quilt tops and let my mother and aunts quilt them.

I made my first quilt, with my mother’s guidance, in 1986 for my first step-daughter’s 16th birthday. Now all four of my step-children and my own daughter have all gotten quilts along with several friends. Now I am giving each grandchild a quilt on their 16th birthday.
I began with traditional piecing and applique and still love it to this day. However I became interested in the more artistic side of quilting. I love thread painting and experimenting with different techniques and learning new ways of doing things. Lately I have been combining painting images on fabric with thread painting.
Oh…and now…I love it when people say to me “You remind me of your mother”. Even though my quilts and art have taken on a different element than those of my grandmothers, mother and aunts, I now believe it’s a blessing to be “just like them”.

I currently reside on a small ranch outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband of 30+ years.  We have a blessed life and I enjoy sharing what I love doing with others.


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