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Traditional quilt patterns have roots from centuries past. I love just about all of them. When I mention to people that I am a quilter I usually get some kind of story about the quilt that their grandmother made for them, how it was made from their old clothing or how it was their favorite memory from their childhood. It’s the love that went into those precious quilts that makes those memories so wonderful. This page will include bed size quilts, wall hanging, lap quilts and just about anything in between. If you click on an individual image/quilt it will take you to a description of that individual piece. From that piece you can add it to your cart!

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Thank you for stopping by! I have been quilting for many years and have a wide range of styles and interests. My latest works involve thread painting, a process that involves taking an image and reproducing it using thread and fabric.  See my Portfolio for some of my favorites.  I also have a large variety of traditional and modern quilts and quilted wall hangings.  Almost all of my pieces are one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Many of my older quilts have been greatly reduced in price in the hopes that they may find a new home. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions using the contact page above.

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