One of my passions lately has been to take a photograph of someone or something and reproduce that in thread painting.  Here are a couple of examples

This is a photo of a child taken on one of my husband’s mission trips to Africa.  I took the photo into the computer and then printed it out and stitched it.  Here is the stitched reproduction.  This particular wall hanging is 20 inches wide by 23.5 inches long including the borders.




This one is of my daughter. It is an 8 x 10 photo and I framed this one. The original photo has a grey t-shirt but the color options are easily altered. This is not an ideal size since it is difficult to get much detail into the face. Something larger like the one above is better to work upon.






This piece is one of my husband’s favorite kinds of cars.  It is about 10×12 including the border.

So it doesn’t have to be people.






If you have a favorite pet I can stitch that out for you also.







If you have a photo of a special person or thing that you would like stitched out please contact using the contact page for details and pricing. I am happy to look at your photo and give you an estimate. 




I am an Oklahoma fiber artist who enjoys both traditional and contemporary quilt designs.  Please take time to visit my shop to view my other works, visit my blog and feel free to contact me with questions.   I teach locally, exhibit locally and nationally and am open to commissions.

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