I now have a workshop available in which I will show you the techniques needed to accomplish the free motion machine embroidery.


Description:  How many of you used to color when you were children?  That’s what we’re doing in this workshop only we’re using a sewing machine and thread instead of crayons.  I realize many of you might be thrown off by the term “thread painting”.  In this workshop I will show you the techniques needed to accomplish the free motion machine embroidery as seen in the sample. With these techniques you learn how to color with thread using just a straight stitch and sometimes a zig zag stitch. It is a 2 day workshop with a $25 kit you will need to purchase in addition to bringing some sewing supplies.

This workshop is an opportunity for students to learn how to use photographs in a professional approach to art quilts. The focus is on using thread to cover a photograph printed on fabric. Each photograph will be covered in a variety of thread, creating a realistic image. Learn to use value and color to make your quilts exciting and dramatic.  Create rich, complex compositions from this inventive perspective and use of shading and blending.

The workshop is a technique workshop and not a finished project workshop although it would be possible for someone to finish the design in 2 days –just not the quilting, binding, etc. We will discuss those parts of it during the class. I would also encourage the students to bring a photo of something that they would like to stitch out and we can look at them and discuss them. But that would not be mandatory nor would we have time to do everyone’s photo.

Fee:  $75 per student with a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 20 students plus a $25 kit fee.


Description: My journey as an artist is full of twists and turns. Techniques and styles change through inspiration, influence of various teachers and experience. I will be speaking about this process and showing images portraying the evolution of my work through quilt displays and/or video demonstrations

Fee: $350.00 for this lecture.

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I am an Oklahoma fiber artist who enjoys both traditional and contemporary quilt designs.  Please take time to visit my shop to view my other works, visit my blog and feel free to contact me with questions.   I teach locally, exhibit locally and nationally and am open to commissions.


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