Well summer is over and I was sorry to see it go.  I did however do some more painting on  fabric.  Here are my experiments.

Experiment 3 paint and mediums 1This is one my friend Julana painted.  The object here was to try different things on one piece.  The sky was simply Pebeo paint and water – much like a wash.  Because there was a plastic sheet underneath the fabric it picked up some bubbles and texture from it.  We kind of liked that.  It has a nice hand to it.   The water was paint and ceramcoat textile medium.  No running and not a stiff hand but you can feel it a little.  The sand was paint and Jo Sonja’s textile medium.  Same as the ceramcoat.  The flamingo, trees and grasses were a mixture of paint, the two above mentioned textile mediums and a heat fixative.  You can actually see a little of the blue sky through the flamingo which I think will make an interesting effect when I actually get around to adding stitching to it.  It was an interesting experiment. 


Experiment 3 paint and mediums 1dThis flower and lady bug was painted with the mixture of the two mediums, heat fixative and paint.  The idea here was to see what would happen when painting the flower, etc and then going back to see how to do the background.  On part of it she painted the background right up to the flower with water and paint carefully making sure to paint just to the flower.  On part of it she actually let the water run into part of the petals of the flower and some of the paint ran into it but again adds an interesting effect.  So you can have some control over the paint…just be careful.


Experiment 3 paint and mediums 1gI actually did some painting myself that day.  Julana didn’t have all the fun.  🙂   This is one I did using the tri-mixture mentioned above and paint.  It is my favorite so far.   The paint went on easily, didn’t run and blended well from light to dark.  Going light to dark doesn’t work very well…it does change the hue just a little.  The hand is soft on this so that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  It will be easy to stitch – if I ever get around to it.  Experiment 2 pebeo paint with paste 4 stitched a  This big one is actually finished and I painted it before Julana came out this day to paint.  It is just paint and the two textile mediums…no heat fixative.  There was very little running…virtually none.  The paint blended well again light to dark but not vice versa.  When I washed it the dark green leaves lost a little of the color but I realized it was because there was an excess of paint on there and that’s what washed off.  I added some trapunto under the petals of the flowers and stitched some of the veins in the flowers and leaves.  It is stipple quilted with a variegated thread.  The backing and binding fabric is an oriental print in light greens. 

That’s about it for my summer experiments in painting.  However I did get a Gammill Longarm machine this summer too so I had to divide my time up in learning to use that and my experiments.  Here are a couple of the quilts I’ve done with the longarm.  And…I have had one customer already!  So…I’d love to quilt your tops for you.  Some of these are available on my website…   www.janholzbauer.com 

Flea market stars 2Scrappy Sqaures 1Free form sampler 1

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