I am using part of this summer to experiment with some different techniques in coloring and painting on fabric.  A couple of Saturdays ago my friend Julana came out and we colored on fabric with colored pencils and with wax pastels and water soluble wax pastels.  Here are the results.

Experiment 1 with wax pastels

This first one with the butterfly was done with the water soluble wax pastels.  After coloring we painted them with a wet paint brush…wet with water.  It really ran a LOT.   So we went ahead and splotched the background a little more just to make it look better.  It didn’t help much.   the second one is the same piece after being washed.  I did not heat set it. 

Experiment 1 with wax pastels after washing


Experiment 1 colored pencilsThis one was a triple experiment.  The outside left of the wreath was done with Crayola colored pencils.  The right outside was done with Rose Art colored pencils.  The center of the wreath was done with Prisma color colored pencils.  The crayola and rose art did not blend as easily as the prisma color.  However the crayola was nicer than the rose art.  The prisma color did get a little color ‘dust’ but not a lot.  Then we painted the entire colored area with Ceramcoat textile medium but did not heat set it.   The ceramcoat said to wait 7 days before washing.  After 7 days  and then washing it looked like this. 

Experiment 1 colored pencils after washing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

This third one is using Faber Castell Aquarelle Pencils on the outside of the wreath and Karat Aquarelle Pencils on the inside.   The faber castel was a little lighter in color.  It was painted with water with a paint brush.  There was a small amount of running and it blended ok.  The karat had more brilliant color but ran a lot.  After washing it faded a lot.  It was not heat set.  🙁 

Experiment 1a colored pencilsExperiment 1a colored pencils after washingThis fourth and last one is the best of them all.  It was done using the Karat Aquarelle Pencils on the left side of the circle and the Faber Castell Aquarelle Pencils on the right.  BUT we did not use the water on them this time.  There was no running.  The  piece was painted using the ceramcoat textile medium.  It was a little stiff before washing but not much.  After washing…it faded a little (not much) and was NOT heat set so where it did fade it was because of the no heat set. 

Experiment 1 Aquarelle and Karat pencilsExperiment 1 Aquarelle and Karat pencils after washingSo plans for the next experiment…heat set.  Also…I bought a fixative that is supposed to eliminate the need for heat settig so I’ll see how that works.  I forgot who makes it – I’ll post that when I do it.  Also I want to try some paint on the fabric to see how that works out.

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