I went to Temecula, CA in May for a workshop with Patt Blair – www.pattsart.com    We learned to paint images on fabric using pigmented inks.  I LOVE this technique. 

This is one of the paintings that I started there.  I finished it at home.  I also started a painting of my daughter but haven’t finished it yet.  I like the way the inks don’t bleed, they are easy to use, little to no clean up and lots of colors available or you can mix them.  You don’t have the safety concerns of using fiber reactive dyes.  It is a very dry technique much like a dry watercolor – which I was never very good at doing but I plan on getting better!  It was honestly the best, most fun retreat/workshop that I have ever done.  There were some really nice, fun, smart and talented ladies attending and they made the time very enjoyable.   I hope to be able to go back again next year if possible.   So…keep checking back here or on my website – www.janholzbauer.com for any additional paintings.

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