I’ve been busy working on a variety of projects.  That’s why I don’t blog very often.  I’ve still been working on UFO’s since finishing school but I’ve been doing some new things too.  Seems like there is always some new something to try.  🙂  So let’s see what I’ve been doing. 

This is the painted portrait I did of my daughter, Jillian.  This is hand painted with pigment ink and then free motion stitched.  It is the second piece that I started at the workshop with Pat Blair in CA this past summer.  It is a medium that I really like doing and will pursue more. 

The bird that I made and donated to the SAQA for their benefit auction sold for $250!!  That was exciting!  See previous post. 

Then I did this little piece.   I call it Art Deco.  It is also hand painted and then free motion stitched.  It is only about 8″x10″.    And a close up of some of the stitching.

I designed a block of the month for my quilt guild in Stillwater.  Everybody gets the pattern for two blocks in each newsletter.  They make those two blocks in the fabrics of their choice, bring them to the next meeting and show them, the last two months are the sashings and border instructions and then setting it all together.  Well…I did two of them.  I wanted to do one in purple, orange and green but I knew some people would barf at those colors.  So I also did one in reproduction fabrics.  I have the reproduction one done.
Sorry about the poor lighting. Haven’t figured that out yet. This one is about 52″x55″ or so. The purple, orange and green one has a large center medallion that makes the quilt 70″ square. That way they can have an option of how they want to do it. It’s been fun. We should be finished by April of next year and at that time we’ll have a viewer’s choice vote for a nice gift certificate from the local quilt shop. I’ll have to post a photo of the purple, orange and green one when it’s finished.
I have a Sunbonnet Sue-Overall Sam on the quilt frame right now. It’s a top that we bought at the flea market and I’m quilting it. It’s always a little harder when you’re doing a top that you didn’t make. First I had to go in and square it up and repair a couple of places. But it’s still going to make a pretty quilt.
I am a member of a Yahoo online group sponsored by Carol Doak. It’s a nice way to “meet” other quilters. Carol designed a mystery quilt that I participated in. I have the top done but not quilted yet. I’ll post that later.
So that’s about it for now. I think I’m caught up. I have a few other things “in progress” but not ready to put on here yet. I will though. You’ll just have to come back and check them out later!

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