Well I’ve been pretty busy. My long arm quilting machine was being bitchy so I ended up driving all the way to West Plains, MO (6 hrs each way) to the Gammill shop. The tech there – Gerald – got it all fixed up and it is working VERY well now. However during the time it was being bitchy I stopped working on quilting and went back to some unfinished projects. I had one that I started waaaay back before I went back to school (2006).
Springtime in the Garden
This is called Springtime in the Garden. It is a block of the month pattern from Alice Wilhoit through Linda Taylor’s Quilting School. It is supposed to be lots of hand applique, hand embroidery, dimensional elements … all done by hand. By now I didn’t want to do it by hand. I had already machine appliqued the four Hawaiian blocks in the corners and decided I was just going to “make it my own”. I went ahead and machine appliqued the rest of it. Where there was hand embroidery I did most by machine – even though I did do a little of it by hand…did the French knots and lazy daisy stitches by hand. The rest I did on the machine. The flowers in the center block were supposed to be foldy hand done flowers and I’m too lazy to do that so I found some crocheted flowers at JoAnn’s that I liked and put those in the center and attached them with some French knots. The rouched flower is done by hand so the whole quilt top was quite a combination of techniques. I was planning on quilting some trapunto onto this quilt but once I got it ready to quilt I decided that it just made it look too busy. But it’s quilted and finished and I am happy with it. It’s one of my favorite quilts now.

Then the second UFO (unfinished object) I got out was one that I’m REALLY excited about. I sketched out this ORIGINAL design in 2004. I know that because I actually wrote my initials and the date on the bottom of the sketch. And I remember when and where I did it. My friend Julana and I had gone to the Houston quilt festival. We were waiting for the show to open and I started sketching this design. This was before I had gone back to college and didn’t know a thing about drawing, etc which is one of the reasons I went back to college to learn to draw & paint and stuff about color, composition…those artsy things. So I had to ask Julana…”how do I draw a box that is hanging upside down with the lid flopped open?” And she showed me. Once I got home I even got started piecing the elements of the quilt. There is a large round star on this quilt. However the one I made didn’t turn out round. So I hung these elements on my design wall and that’s where they stayed until last month. I just realized that was 9 years ago…wow!! So since the Gammill was on the fritz I got this project off of the wall and back on the drawing board. Once again my friend Julana helped me. She helped me re-draft the circular star so that it was round. I didn’t know how to do it. See…in college they made me take algebra. I wanted to take Geometry because I was pretty sure it would help me with my art. But nooooo…..I had to take algebra. Therefore Julana helped me re-draft the star. I got it pieced and decided on the size of the pieced blocks in my background and got the background made. Then the box, circular star and black and white swirls are all hand appliqued to the background. I don’t have a picture yet of the top. I will post that when I get the quilt finished. It is currently on the long arm frame and is almost completely quilted. It has been SO much fun seeing this come together because it is an original design of my very own. !!! The quilt evolved some from the original sketch. I had forgotten that when you paper piece something it is a mirror image so my design is flip flopped and I left out the little box hanging upside down because it would have been too crowded with it on it. But I still love the quilt and am anxious to share it.

Another top that I have had pieced for a while is/was a mystery block of the month from Carol Doak’s online yahoo group. She designed a 2 color quilt and we got a new block about every month. This is the finished product.
Carol Doak 2013 Mystery
I quilted in some feathers – used a grey thread in the light blue areas but on the blue/green border I used a variegated thread. I think it’s really nice and is a nice size lap quilt. It’s about 60″ square.

All of these are available on my website at www.janholzbauer.com Either click on the gallery and watch the slide show or click on the store and check out both the art quilts & traditional quilts categories.
I’ll get a photo of my original design on here once I finish the quilting. Just a few more days. Then on to another UFO!!

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