Rose Tree Applique’ Quilt Pattern




This quilt was designed using a block from the EQ7 quilt software program.  I took this block and designed the quilt because I wanted something I could hand applique’ in front of the tv so that I could sit in the same room with my husband.  You could easily do the applique’ by machine if you prefer and/or you can fuse the pieces with whatever kind of fusible material you prefer.  The method shared in this pattern however is using a needle turn method and freezer paper.   I also do not go into detail in how to do the needle turn appliqué method.  I will assume you know that technique.  I will try to mention where it can be altered.   You can also make the blocks a different size if you prefer – but – you will have to do the math to figure out all the changes.   Math is not my strong suit.   Also in the pattern I will be referring to the colors I used.  You can substitute your color choices in the directions.  The quilt is 52″ x 52″ and is a nice lap size quilt. 


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