I finally finished the four pieces that I was making for my senior art exhibit.  The opening reception was this past Thursday night and it was a lot of fun!  The best part was seeing my pieces hanging on the wall together.  Then I got an opportunity to share for a few minutes about my work.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be but I’m glad it’s over.  That was the highlight of my art college career.  So – here are the remaining photos of in progress work.  I’ll be brief…maybe.

This is the beginning of the second piece.  It is a pic of my mom and dad’s wedding photo.  As you can see it was a black and white photo.  So a challenge was to decide on the colors that would look right together.  Dad was in the army air corp so it was pretty set what the color of his uniform would be.  I do not know what color Mom’s dress was originally so I just decided on one that would look good together.   At least I hope so.

I tried to do a background that appeared somewhat circular because I originally wanted to do a double wedding ring design in the background.  But when I decided on pieced backgrounds instead of stitched ones I did not want to piece double wedding rings for the background because I didn’t want it to detract from the stitched photo.

This is the third in the series.  It is of me and my sister and two brothers.  It was harder to get much detail in the faces because of the smaller size of the faces.  I wanted to keep all of the finished dimensions the same (16×20) therefore I had to do all of the faces smaller.  But it was still a challenge in that I needed to get the image without having the ability to do more detail. 

Here is the finished one.  I call it Hope for the Future.  Mothers always hope the best for their children’s future and it just felt right to call it that.  I used a pinwheel background because – well – we’re kids!

This is the fourth piece.  It was my toughest.  It was also the first one I started on which I was/am still learning about the skin tones, etc.  I struggled SO much with this one as far as getting the right tones, and not having her neck all wrinkled and yet…

it turned out to be my favorite of all four of them.  There is so much dimension and quality to the texture of the fabric in her sweater, her skin really is wrinkled looking and the range of colors in her face really give it a great quality.  Doing the larger image gave me more room to work with the thread changes.  I originally had a lot more darker color in the background and it didn’t look right.  So I took it out and replaced it with the medium value.  Now it appears to me as if the darkness is beginning to overtake her so I titled this one “Enveloping Darkness”.   

I still might do a few more images to go with this series.  But at least now I don’t have any time crunches for class assignments.  🙂  As I stated above…the gallery opening was fun.  And I can see me doing more of those.  Hopefully.    I’d love to some for other people too…meaning…I accept commissions.  Email me 

So…here is my exhibit- haning up- in the gallery!!!  The lighting was actually very good.  My photo/camera is just not that great.  I’ll get some better photos of it while they’re up. 

That’s the end of this string of posts.  If I do get around to adding any more to this series in the future…I’ll post those too.  Don’t hold your breath!

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