In 2010 I was graduating from Oklahoma State University’s art department.  My senior exhibit was a series of four photographs that I did in a technique called ‘thread painting’.  I take a photograph and re-create it using thread and fabric.   This series represents periods in my mother’s life beginning when she was about 16 years old, her wedding photograph, a photo of her 4 children and a photo of her in her later years.   The first three photos are bright and cheery and represent memories of her past.   The last photo has her looking in the opposite direction beyond all those “Forgotten Memories” that she no longer remembers due to the Alzheimer’s that over took her mind and body.   I know that she is whole again now that she is in Heaven and I know that I’ll get to see her again one day.  I love you Mom!

Bittersweet Sixteen is a play on the “sweet sixteen” idea.   It is a photograph of my mother Maxine when she was about 16 years old.   Her future is ahead of her and she looks joyous.  The bittersweet part comes as not knowing that her later years would be “bitter” with Alzheimer’s disease.   It is the first in a series that I did for my senior exhibit at Oklahoma State University in 2010.  I call the series “Forgotten Memories”.   It is about 16″x24″ and appliqued onto a pieced background.

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