I actually got up and got busy today.  I find it getting harder and harder to get out of bed.  I think the thought of having SO much to do is becoming overwhelming.  I got the spare bedroom painted today, got the primer put on in our new bedroom and texturied Jillian’s new bedroom.  I wasn’t going to texturize it but the more I looked at it the more I realized I did a pretty crappy job on the mudding and taping and thus it got texturized to help hide the bad job.  I wasn’t going to prime her room either but after painting the spare bedroom and having to go buy another can of paint for it because it took two coats I decided to prime her also.  Hopefully I can get by with the one coat of green that way.  Still haven’t found any curtains that I like for the living room or Jilly’s room.  I have something specific in mind for her room and I may end up making them because I remember some fabric at Interior Fabrics that would fit the bill for what I had in mind for her room.  So…what’s left….painting our room, painting Jilly’s room, painting the upstairs hallway, and texturizing and painting the downstairs hallway.  Before the downstairs hallway can be find though there still has to be one more piece of sheetrock put up.  The electrician took down a light yesterday that was in the way and now once Denny gets home that sheetrock can go up and I can finish the hallway.  Whew!!

I had to go to an art lecture last night at OSU.  BORING!!  But I have to write a paper about it.  I have a reading to do for oil painting and write a short page about it.  I have to prepare a little power point about two abstract artists.  I never did get back to school to work on my oil painting so I’m really behind on that.  And I still haven’t finished my fabric self portrait for drawing class.   This is all due Monday.  That’s why I’m so overwhelmed.  Actually the self portrait was due this past Wednesday but class was cancelled because of the ice storm.  You’d think that with that extra time I would have gotten it done but I didn’t.  It’s so hard to get motivated on a project that I’m not really interested in doing.    So often I keep saying “I should just quit school” because then I feel like I could get some of these projects done that I have waiting on me here at home and get going on the art projects that really interest me.  But I started it and by golly I’m going to finish it.  But I’m really having to work on my attitude about the school thing because right now my attitude is pretty bad.  

Denny will be home from Tennessee tomorrow night.  I was hoping to have most of the interior painting done by the time he got home but that ain’t gonna happen either.  Tomorrow – after a trip into Stillwater for milk and texture stuff – I am coming home and working on my school things.    So much to do……………………

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