Back in 2004 I was sitting in Houston at the International Quilt Festival waiting for them to open the doors. I started sketching out a quilt that I wanted to make. (I know it was 2004 because I actually initialed and dated the sketch.) My friend Julana Winegarten was with me and I remember asking her “How do I draw a box that is hanging upside down with the lid flopped open?” She’s an art teacher. So she showed me. Later on after getting back home I actually got most of the elements of the quilt made. They were paper pieced. But then I realized my main star was not round and in frustration set it aside. I pinned all these elements to my design wall. Then…in 2006 I went back to college and this quilt got forgotten – even though it was hanging right there on the wall in front of me. Finally in 2010 I graduated from college – again – and one of my goals after school was to get some of my UFO’s (unfinished objects) actually finished. I have finished 4-5 of them and then I got this one out again. Remembering that my main star wasn’t round I started with that. Once again Julana helped me. We re-drafted the star so that it was round. Then I pieced it and voila! I had my elements ready. But no background. I wanted the background to be 9 patches that were very close in value…all the same color…shades of blues so that it just kind of blended all together. Some of the 9 patches I made into stars just so that it looked kind of like a starry night sky.
So here is the finished quilt. The box hanging upside down with the lid flopped open didn’t make it into the quilt…just didn’t fit right. I call it “Out of the Box”. There is the box with the star pattern on it (I’m interpreting this as me – not the box but the ‘star’). But as the star comes out of the box it changes and grows and becomes different. It is still a star but different. I had forgotten that when you paper piece something you have to mirror image it or it comes out opposite. Luckily I learned to become flexible and it didn’t hurt the original design to flip flop it. When I was back in college for the second time and in my 50’s I was REALLY out of my box. I had to do things in my classes (art, painting, sculpture) that I had never done before…really out of my box. I just wanted to learn to draw but it turned into so much more. I used to be very set in my ways that things I created were very symmetrical. Boy…art classes got me out of that box! I became more flexible in terms of not having to stick to a pattern and knowing how I could make it my own. So that’s where I am now…making things my own and exploring new creative worlds.
Here are a couple of close ups.


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