Well my final semester of school has started and off to a running start.  I’m very excited that my professors are letting me use my stitched work for my senior exhibit.  I’ve been trying to get them interested in it since I first started back to college.  So for my senior show here is an excerpt from my artist statement regarding this series:

“I am currently working on a series of reproductions of photographs utilizing fabric and threads.  The photographs I have chosen to use are from various time periods in my mother’s life.  These are images of times from her past that she can no longer recall due to Alzheimer ’s disease.  My hope is to capture these images in my artwork in such a way as it gives life to them once again.”

So…here is the first image I’m working on.

This is the photograph of my mother that I began with.  I opened it with photoshop and got it the size that I wanted it.  Then (since my printer only prints 8 1/2×11 sheets) I had to divide it up into 4 sections, saving each one as I went and then print them out onto fabric printable sheets.  For this particular piece I used C. Jenkins Miracle Fabric Sheets.  They have a really soft hand and did not fray any at all when I pulled the paper backing off.   Since it is a black and white photo I took a little time to add some color to the large areas that would be stitched, i.e. her shirt.  I added the color just using some fabric markers.  That way when I stitch it and a little of the color shows through…it isn’t black and white.   I am still struggling with skin tones but have purchased more thread and hope I’m getting better. 

This is the beginning of my stitching – sort of.  I had already stitched the face and really did not like the way the right side (your left) of her face looked to much like a mask.  The next photo is a close up of the image.  So…I went back and added to part of her face again.  You have to be careful in doing this so that you don’t add too much thread and get too many layers built up and then it’s almost impossible to add any more stitching.  Plan ahead! 

Here is a close up of this photo.  The skin tones are too light.  So I went back over part of them and the next photo is the result of that which I am much happier with. 

This one I think the skin tones are much better.  The last photo is a close up of this one.  So as I get more photos and progress on this project I’ll try to keep you updated on how it’s going.  I am excited about this project!!!  It’s great to be sewing again!  And being creative!  It is a bit of a tough project to do though because of all the emotion involved in doing these old photos of my mom but I sure have had a good time strolling down memory lane while I was searching for photos in some of the old family photo albums.  🙂

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