I have a new project I finally got started on. In the summer of 2009 my husband and I rode his motorcycle down to the mountains in southeastern Oklahoma. We have often travelled down to this area because it’s beautiful in the fall!! On this particular trip as we were nearing Queen Wilhemina lodge we spotted a black bear running off into the woods just off the road. It was so exciting for me as I’d never seen one this close up! The next day as we were leaving the lodge we saw another one standing right in the middle of the road! We had to hit the brakes to avoid the bear but it took off running into the woods before we got too close. Thank goodness!! I knew the Harley could out run the bear but I was on the back of the bike and knew it would get me first! I knew Denny could protect me anyway. But I digress.
So after getting home I decided I wanted to do two different black bear projects. The first one is of a bear in it’s natural habitat. That’s what I’m going to use this photo for.
I’ve got the bear printed out and fused onto felt. I decided to try the felt as a stabilizer this time. I’ll let you know how that goes. Ive begun the stitching and will try to remember to takes photos as I go. I tend to get so wrapped up in the project that I forget to photograph it. The second bear I want to do is a cartoon type bear riding a motorcycle with goggles on and maybe a scarf around it’s neck, tongue hanging out enjoying the ride! Both of these I want to do as remembrances of our trip and because I think it’ll be fun.

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