Well this week has been interesting.  I skipped oil painting class on Monday morning.  They cancelled classes on Monday afternoon and I was really glad because I didn’t have anything done on my self portrait which is one of the reasons I skipped class.  So I continued to work on straightening up my work room.  We finally got the closet done and I transferred all the things from the old closet to the new one.  It has taken me days to get this room back to where I could actually work in it.  So…we are still out of school and today is Wednesday.  I finally got back to work on the self portrait yesterday. 

We finally have the new living room done.  The electrician will be out here on Friday to finish up his part of all the house.  But in the living room we have the carpet and have started moving a few things in there.  We won’t get cable out there until next week so we’re waiting to move the sofa and chair out there until the cable is installed.  The upstairs is just about ready to paint.  I have Jillian’s room and the spare room ready to paint.  Our bedroom is almost ready to paint…just a little more texturizing and the painted.  After that Denny will finish the trim around windows and doors and we’ll get the carpet put in up there hopefully within the next couple of weeks.   So it’s coming together and we can actually see that it will get done.  There are many other projects that are part of this re-modeling that will get done as he can…i.e. re-doing the two bathrooms and I don’t know what he’s going to do with Jillian’s old bedroom but it will happen later.   It is exciting to see the work coming together though.

So for now I’m going to work on my self portrait…it’s a fabric one.  I’m excited that my professor is letting me do it in fabric.  I haven’t had a lot of enthusiasm for it b/c of the mess in my work room but now that I got back to working on it last night I’m getting pumped about doing it now.  I will post a photo of it once it’s done.  I’m grateful for the ice/snow because it’s giving me time to work on this but Denny & Christa are on their way to Tennessee for the children’t orphanage program and it’s icy all the way out there so I’m praying for their safety.

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