Wow…!  I can’t believe it’s been since mid-March since I posted anything on here.  Well…yes I can.  I’ve been busy.  As per the title of this post…I FINISHED SOMETHING!   Something quilty.  the-tie-that-binds-11 This is the tie wall hanging that I made for my professor.  Actually for his mother.  The old ties belonged to his father and she’d held onto them for years.  My professor got them and later on I got them and made this.  I used the points of the ties for all the tips, appliqued them onto a silk background as many of the ties were silk and then free-motion quilted around it.  I liked it.  He liked it.  His mother liked it and even wrote me a nice thank you card. 

School is going okay.  I finished my term paper for mythology.  It’s not great but it’s DONE!  Guess that’s something else I finished.  Now I have one more paper to write for my Jesus’ teaching’s class, two drawings and one/two paintings.  Only about 3 weeks left of school…counting dead week.  I’m SO ready for summer. 

I have plans to accomplish a lot this summer.  I haven’t planned it all out but will at the end of this semester.  Many projects to work on, many ideas to set down and work out.  We’ll see how it goes.

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