Hard Work or worked hard.  Either way you say it it still feels good to be able to put in a hard days work.  My fingers literally are very sore.  We are in the process of adding onto our house and one of my “fun” jobs is mudding and taping the drywall to get it ready to paint.  My friend Julana came out on Wednesday and helped me get the tape up.  God bless her!!!   Today I spent the whole day sanding the three rooms upstairs and the hallway.   I have several places on my fingers where they have been “sanded” also.  Hard to type.  Definitely won’t be doing any sewing for a while.  Besides that my sewing room looks like a tornado has gone through it.  In the process of adding onto the house I am getting a HUGE new closet in my sewing room.  But until it is done everything on my bookshelf and sewing table has just been stacked around the room in various places. 

House additionThis is the outside of the addition to our house.  The upstairs is 3 bedrooms and the downstairs in one large living room.  We had our first Christmas in the living room this year even though it isn’t finished.  At least we finally got the windows in place and the heat turned on! 

But back to my hard work.  It always amazes me when I put in a really hard days work how good I feel!  Not that sewing on a project all day (which I’ve done) isn’t work and tiring and someetimes hard.  But actual physical hard labor is very gratifying.  Yes my fingers hurt.  Tomorrow my back will be protesting louder than my fingers.  But I feel really good!  I’ll feel even better when it’s all done but then I can move on to other projects!   It’s been a good day!

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