Here it is mid-March…I’m on spring break this week and I was hoping to get caught up on a LOT of things but so far it hasn’t been quite as productive as I originally hoped.  I did get the curtains made for Jillian’s room and also had to cut one down to fit the new hallway window.  Got that one done.  Got a wireless doorbell for the new front door.  That was easy.  And it’s loud enough be be heard.  I have four drawings that are due on this coming Monday.  I have two of them started and not finished and haven’t even started the other two.  Obviously I’m not really into this project. 

Two weeks ago (the 4th) I went to Ft. Myers for a class with Hollis Chatelain on painting images on fabric with dye.  It was a VERY good class.  I enjoyed myself a lot and met some nice people.  Hollis is a very good teacher.  I realize the technique is going to take some practice.  The dye does not respond the same way that paint does once you paint it onto the fabric…like blending.  That’s what I will need some practice doing.  Denny came and met me on Friday and we spent the remainder of the weekend with our friends Rod & Jackie.  It was a very nice trip…very relaxing.  Unfortunately I did miss 2 oil painting classes, 3 drawing classes and 1 class each of mythology and and my religion class.  Missing the drawing classes is the hardest.  Like I said…four drawings due on Monday. 

crowning-glories-31This is another of my quilts.  It’s called Crowning Glories.  It was from a class by Lerlene Neverill.  She taught one year at the Ok. State Quilt Guild Spring Retreat and this was the class I took.  It was fun.  I love classes when you actually get a project (top) finished.  I pretty much had all of the pieces of this top put together by the end of the class.  When I got home all I had to do was put it all together and quilt it.  It is currently hanging in our new hallway.  It has just a little bit of green in it in the floral border and you can barely see a little green in the pieced blocks.  It looks REALLY good hanging in the hallway on my apple green wall.  

The addition on the house has pretty well come to an end.  At least the rooms are done and we’ve moved into them.  The new living room is really cool.  It’s big and room.  We’ve decorated in kind of a SW/western theme.  Our new bedroom is also big and airy.  Jillian’s room is the same green as the downstairs.  She picked out a new comforter and fabric for curtains (which I got made this week as stated above), got new decorative pillows.  It’s a nice room.  The spare bedroom is the “Oriental” room.   Denny has had a lot of fun decorating and it’s been fun watching him get into it so much.  It may be a while before we get around to getting the bathrooms updated but it will happen eventually. 

Well…getting to work on my drawings.  Hopefully I willl get more quilts posted on here without taking forever to do it.

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