tumbling-blocksWell hopefully little by little I will get more photos of my quilts on here.  This one is called Dimensional Tumbling Blocks.  This is probably the second most favorite quilt I have made so far.  The first one would have to be The Lord’s Prayer quilt.  I will get a photo of it on here one of these days.  This is not the best photo to put on here but the only one I could find.  I just love the colors and the dimensionality of it.  Is that a real word?  Dimensionality?  Oh well….

Things have remained very hectic.  This past week was mid-term already and I had one mid-term exam.  In mythology.  I don’t like this class.  It’s sad when a subject matter could be very interesting (at least entertaining) and yet the teacher is not very good.  I am sure she knows her stuff but she doesn’t know how to teach very well.  It’s a very unorganized class.  It is on classical mythology – Greek and Roman – and I always have to drag myself to that class.  But…I’m going to hang in there and finish it because I started it.   My other classes are great.  I like the Teachings of Jesus in History class a lot.  It is always interesting and thought provoking.  My oil painting and drawing classes are also going well. 

We have continued to work on the house.  It is finally coming together.  We have moved things into the new addition and will probably begin work on the bathrooms.  I guess.  I’m not sure what Denny is going to work on next.  I don’t know how he keeps on going…always doing something.  If some of the work wasn’t so frustrating I know he enjoys the building things.  He’s such a great guy!  Anyway…things are good.  God is always good and I’m so grateful for our lives and ministry.  He continues to provide for us and ministry opportunities for Denny.

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