Well this semester of school is almost over.  I have a take home final exam to finish and then I’m done for a couple of weeks.  I have to take a class this summer (poor advising from my advisor) and then I just have one semester left of college classes!! 

During this semester I had to have a BFA exhibit review which is a review of my past work and a discussion of my current and future work by three of my professors to decide if I have a good enough porfolio to have a senior exhibit that they do each semester for the graduating students.  I did not pass this review but am able to go for re-review in August.        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         During this review I took in two of my stitched pieces: one of my frog “Prince Rana” and I and I showed them the stitched picture of my daughter Jillian that I had done previously.                  

             Some of them had seen examples of this work before.  Or at least they had seen photos of it.  But now I am SO excited because they said I should be doing this kind of work for my senior exhibit show!!!!!  I had previously just been doing oil paintings.  So…I went home that day and started on a semi-new project.  By semi-new I mean that I have painted this photo but I have now done it in a stitched piece also.    That’s what I ams SO excited about.  It turned out really good.  I still have some things to learn but I’ll include some photos here.

Ok…this is the stitched version along with a close up.   It is completely free motion stitched – NOT computerized -digitized.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   So I’m going to do a series of photos of my mother; memories of my mother; things my mother might remember if she didn’t have Alzheimer’s, etc.  I’m excited about doing the projects even though they are somewhat hard to do because of the emotional involvement.  This is not my mother but is my older sister.  I had to have her stand in for our mom since mom is unable to pose for me now.  But I’m going through old photos, etc to get some ideas for future projects. 

This is a photo of the oil painting.  So you obviously tell that my skills are much better with the stitched piece…besides it’s a lot more fun for me!  After all…I AM a fiber artist…right?! 

So I’d love to hear any comments and/or suggestions.  I need to work on these over the summer a little.  Hopefully I will be better about posting more often now that I have something that I’m really interested in pursuing.

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