Have you ever been driving down a two lane highway in the dark and get to feeling that you’re kind of not all “there”?  You know the one…where your mind is on something other than driving the car (I know…not a good idea) and then something brings you back to reality and you have to think “Wait…have I already passed ______?  You fill in the blank.  Or “Gosh I feel like I’ve been driving soooo long and I haven’t even reached __________ yet.”  It is a really odd sensation…kind of an out of the body experience.  Again I know it’s not a good thing when you’re driving.   I swear my car knows it’s own way home sometimes because I will have that sensation even in the daytime sometimes.  Like when you’ve driven the same route day after day after day.    I had that experience tonight coming back from Ok. City.  Went to the peace vigil Jillian organized to show support for Palestine.  I’m very proud of her!!   Anyway…my mind was thinking about her and all that is going on in Gaza and Palestine when a BIG gust of wind brought me back to reality.   Then I got to thinking about how you get this odd sensation once in a while.  I hope I don’t go through the rest of my life feeling like I missed a stop or that I haven’t quite gotten where I’m going yet.   I hope that I’m always aware of what’s going on around me and other parts of the world and that in some way I can do something to help.  If nothing more than to pray for others – and I don’t mean that lightly.  I fully understand the significance of prayer!  I think it’s really important to care about something.  About someone other than yourself.    Just some rambling thoughts.

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