It is January 1st, 2009.  Wow!  That’s almost hard to even think about.  There are so many things to think back on but I am choosing instead to think ahead and to contemplate what lies ahead for me.  I am continuing my education at Oklahoma State University working towards a degree in fine art.  What started out as just wanting to take some art classes has grown in the desire to finish athese classes and get this degree.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t Need it.  It’s not like I’m working toward career goals.  I had my career in nursing and stopped doing that to devote my time to Jillian.  Now that she’s a grown woman I can look to my goals once again.  My initial goal – to become a better artist – hasn’t changed.  Since I’m not having to work for finiancial reasons it’s nice to be able to take these classes and work towards a goal.  I’ve had goals before – like finish this project so I can start another project.  But this one is different.  For one thing I’m having to work towards other peoples (instructors) expectations and not just mine.  But I suppose if I want to actually sell any of my art then I should think about what “they” would like. “They” being the buyers.   Usually I just create what I feel like and if it pleases me then I’m happy.  One of my problems right now is that I have lots of ideas for projects that I want to do but am postponing starting them until after I’m through with school because of the time they would take.   I think though that if they are really that important to me they will get done.  Eventually.

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