bargello-2aThis is a small Bargello wallhanging.  I love doing bargello.  It is somewhat always a bit of a surprise.  You can get really dramatic curves by altering the width of the strip sets you cut.  Then also it’s so easy to do.  Just sewing strip sets together and then cutting those a second time and arranging the strips.  Most of these are availablel on my web site for purchase but not all of them I post on here are for sale.  Anyway…

It was a fun day.  I took Jillian’s cat Bruiser back home to her.  I was afraid I would have a problem getting him into the cat carrier but he went right into it.  Maybe he was ready to go home – I don’t know.  But he is a sweet cat.  Then Jillian and I had a lovely lunch at Cafe Bella and ran a few errands.  It’s always enjoyable spending time with her. 




black-and-green-stacksThis is called Black and Green Stars.  It is a stack and whack design.  The stars are all made from the same fabric.  It’s interesting how many different designs you can get out of one fabric depending on how it is cut.  Pretty cool.  This is for sale on my website. 

Well…I must get busy on my last two drawings for my class.  They are due Monday.  I think I mentioned that already on yesterdays post.  Where are those darned brain cells anyway?!

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